Winners Announced!

After weeks of deliberation and game-play evaluations by groups of very excited students, BigLeap is ready to announce the winners of the “Games that Make Us Smarter” challenge!

Thirty-One games were submitted to our inaugural competition, with game concepts ranging in scope from strategy maze design games, to new takes on sudoku and treasure hunts! All the submissions were innovative ideas and we’re very happy to announce the winners for this competition.

Feel inspired? If you have your own ideas for games that can make us smarter, post them on our wiki (link to the right)!

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To continue the great momentum that has been generated by this challenge for youth educational games, we have decided to create a wiki page where all of the game submissions can live.

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1st Place Winner

Mazing Race by Andy Geremia

Teams compete to create the most challenging marble maze out of a cereal box and 10 straws.

View the entire submission on the Mazing Race Wiki page:

View Mazing Race Wiki

2nd Place Winner

Kansuko for Kids by Jonathan Meck

Kansuko is a logic game based off of the classic Sudoku that uses a modified board and incorporates basic addition to challenge your mind and your patience!

View the entire submission on the Kansuko for Kids Wiki page:

View Kansuko for Kids Wiki

Runner Up

Bloc Runners by Matthew Renner

Players traverse a geometrical map through arranging puzzle blocks in order to complete the level and reach the exit.

View the entire submission on the Bloc Runners Wiki page:

View Bloc Runners Wiki

Runner Up

Brainswarming by Tony McCaffrey

A group problem solving game that streteches creative thinking, logical diagraming, and more.

View the entire submission on the Brainswarming Wiki page:

View Brainswarming Wiki

Runner Up

Hoop Sums by Daniel Scher and Scott Steketee

A team-based game that gives children the mental math practice they need to become fluent in addition while at the same time providing elements of logic, problem solving, and fun in the form of thought-provoking puzzles.

View the entire submission on the Hoop Sums Wiki page:

View Hoop Sums Wiki

Check out our BrainPlay Wiki page

We’ve added all of the game submissions to the new BrainPlay Wiki page. Check out all the great submissions and add your own!